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throwback &
start over

8 min
Ingrid S. Hofer

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When I started my blog Desinn.today, I wanted to open up my spatial design work by finding and showing great design stories. In this process, I imagined I would reach out to other cool, creative minds, building a network out of it, that enriches like-minded people as it does me, and bringing exciting projects along with it.

This part of the story still sounds good so far. But all of that I wanted to create completely on the side. What I had pushed a little too much into the background in the beginning was that my life was naturally packed. I already had enough to do to run my own advertising agency together with my partner alongside managing the ever-present family chaos with two still younger kids at home. So, honestly spoken, it dragged on from the start. The notebooks were full – with ideas for inspiring blog articles as well as many of my own ideas for exciting space design concepts. But it was always the same: too little time, too few resources, and too little energy to get it into a steady flow.

Then covid came into our lives. I was completely – like everyone else – torn from our daily routine. Up was down, down was up. At least that’s how it felt. Nothing that structured and determined our days before was the same anymore. Neither for our agency and our employees nor for my partner, our children or me. But exactly in these stormy days I found my clear, inner focus again. In this vaccuum the voice inside me that knows everything about my greatest passions got louder and louder.

While we were suddenly all sitting at home, alternately taking care of children, school, project and management issues and sometimes all mixed up and in parallel, we did not know how it would all turn out. But I knew one thing from my past: Whenever things got particularly difficult, I heard my call for self-determination loudest and mobilized all my strength to rise above myself. I trusted in that now, too.

I distanced myself from where I was standing and was suddenly closer to myself than ever.

So for the first time, I allowed myself to vizualise my future, as if there was no advertising agency and no partner at my side with whom I wanted to arrange myself in terms of visions. I opened up my mind for everything I ever dreamt of by going away from where I stood. This has carried me much more purposefully toward my desired future and thus into a really good now. So close to myself I suddenly felt like the 8 year old again I was, when I started dreaming of becoming a designer who makes the world a better space.

I knew I had to put all my passion and energy into finally creating spaces and objects, that enrich our lives with a special attention to mindfulness, right NOW – not later when my blogmagazine is blooming. The new determination confirmed all my ‘side’ efforts of the past few years and my path became more urgent than it had been before. I decided to use corona to completely shift my resources and relinquish much of the responsibility in the agency to give new space to my priorities. And that’s exactly what I have done since last year. Step by step. In the agency now, I’ve often become more of a mentor and a CEO in the background, or something like that 😉

Today I’m full of anticipation working out my (service) portfolio as a spatial designer for my brand Studio Desinn, as well as conceptualizing the future content for the blog magazine Desinn.today to finally fill it with sparkling life. Besides that, I’m devoting as much time as possible to my freelance projects, also due to my space&designstrategies studies that I started last year.

Like this you will get to know me from many sides in the near future… and I will launch my portfolio as a designer in a few weeks 😍 I’m already very excited about what’s coming up with it.

I am very much looking forward to my journey and to you accompanying me, even if or just because I often call more quietly than the noise outside would like to pretend. The mindfulness that we can put into this silence has a special power for me – it brings to the surface what lies deep within us and really moves us forward.



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