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“Studio Desinn is focused on the meaningful design of spaces, objects and concepts. My work is very much about the interrelationship between people, sensory perceptions and the environment. It aims to create effective and life-enriching areas by understanding spaces in a larger context. The Studio’s portfolio primarily includes three fields: Corporate Spaces, Mindful Spaces & Design-Research Spaces.

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business spaces
home office design
object- & shopdesign
showroom staging
visual merchandising
event design
concept design



spaces for well-being
deceleration rooms
hybrid areas office-living
social design spaces
sensory spaces
plant installations
design & art installations


design fiction
speculative design
object design
research oriented design
social design concepts
exploratory spaces
artistic staging of spaces

Corporate Spaces

“A commercial space, store or workspace is so much more than just a room where business takes place. These are all spaces in which we have high expectations. In most cases, they have to fulfill a multitude of needs for us – partly contrary – at the same time. So these places affect not only the work that takes place there, but also the people as individuals. My job is to design professional, welcoming and supportive business environments. I love creating thoughtful, sustainable and impactful unique corporate spaces by combining interior- & shopdesign with visual merchandising, furniture design and customized design installations…”

Business interior
Impactful concepts
Corporate spaces
staged Showrooms
Reception areas

Mindful Spaces

“By designing deceleration spaces, I create zones worth living and working in. Focusing on the interaction between space, people and their sensory perception, I use parts of social design insights to trigger positive behaviors and eyecatching installations to create valuable feel-good areas in challenging zones such as decelerated commercial spaces as well as hybrid home-office living sections. With effective elements like plant installations, the finely selected use of illumination and tactile materials, I accomplish sensitive zones that are way more than just a designed area…”

Personal well-being
Spatial interactions
Sensory lounges
The good work life
Slowdown spaces

Design Research Spaces

“In design fiction, objects don’t always have to be functional or useful in a contemporary way – sometimes it’s a different question, a futuristic scientific question. The preoccupation with this and critical artistic asks give rise to flashes of inspiration. It opens up great new playgrounds where, through the pure pleasure of speculative criticism, thoughts are and even should be given free rein to create something unique. The inspirational findings can be carried into open-minded design processes. My free personal projects and possible cooperations fall primarily into this realm. If you are looking for a collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact me…”

Free projects

Studio Desinn Projects

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