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“Studio Desinn stands for the mindful and sustainable design of spaces as well as objects, that have the power to inspire us to a better life. The Studio represents my portfolio as a spatial designer, which includes services in the commercial sector – such as the meaningful design of business spaces, shopdesign for shopfitting and showroomconcepts – as well as in the private sector, for example the design of a valuable, sophisticated home office space or unique zones for well-being like a decelaration room.”

After building up a successful advertising design agency as a concept designer and copywriter together with my partner in Linz (Upper Austria) during the last 13 years, I am now embarking on my further journey to work as a designer with a particular attention on mindful interior design projects and exploratory design questions… my biggest and for me fulfilling passions since I can remember.

In these many years of self-employment in the creative industries, continuing my education through studies and also expand my knowledge autoditactically, I was getting to know the intricacies of my passion more closely.

Today, through starting my work as a designer focusing on corporate spaces, mindful spaces and design-research spaces, I have both found – my roots and wings, at the same time.

In this regard, my research-based studies that combine art, design and architecture and my attention to design fiction with the research-based design questions round out my profile as a kind of playground that drives me and inspires my dynamism in my design processes.

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Living and working worlds

The Studio of Desinn aims to create profound, positive and life-enriching perceptual experiences through sustainable, meaningful spatial design. It is about integrating these experiences into our living and working environments. For this, the deeper understanding of spaces in a larger context and the benevolent play with the senses is one of the fundamental concerns in my design and work processes.



Space can always be more than a designed or well-furnished area. It should be much more about the interaction space that lies in between.

Everything is in constant communication and interaction. The human being with his environment, as well as nature with him and with the surrounding (architectural) objects. This interaction is looking for a positive impact and meaningfulness in the design of any space.

Preferably, we learn again to put a special focus on our sensory perception. Because we are part of nature, even if we no longer understand ourselves as such in many aspects.

For Studio Desinn, I work intensively with spatial design under the question of how we can create effective spaces that enrich our life and environment in a time of strong digitalization with the dissolution of boundaries between online and offline as well as between living, dwelling and working spaces.

Dissolving boundaries need a detailed look at our perception and sensitive design to create valuable spaces.

Studio Desinn’s work seeks to foster a new awareness of the relationship between people and their environment, and to develop new values for our experiential world.

Spaces, objects and zones must be designed to support us and the surrounding nature – to complement both and not burden them.

The Blogmagazine


How much of our modern way of life can the world and its people take, what makes them blossom into new beauty? We are addicted to a (digital) optimization mania. With regard to the development of new technologies up to our self. Of course, we are not made to stand still or go back to more pristine times.

With all the new possibilities, we should carefully and lovingly connect to the existing and valuable of the past. The german-english hybride blogmagazine is – as sign of connection and interaction – wholeheartedly dedicated to mindful design topics. It reports on impressive design stories that inspire us to live better. Here I also give space to dive deeper into the work of Studio Desinn.

By the work of my brand Studio Desinn and the lovingly run blog magazine, I want to open a door into a responsibly beautifully designed world and help give our views valuable depth and our selves more well-being.

I look forward to connecting with inspiring people and inspiring you and myself through everything that opens up here.

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The significance of space

The multitude of spaces we can create or perceive with our consciousness is so significant and yet so invisible compared to those we walk through day after day. Only when a body occupies the space of our perception it becomes immediately obvious – everyone who sees it, is aware of it.

But the invisible spaces that are so important for shaping our lives begin within ourselves. These spaces are formed in our thoughts, feelings and inner attitude. They continue in our actions, through the expression of which they gain meaning and acquire the power to manifest even into three-dimensional space. We decide what gets space in our life and how we form and fill these spaces.

We say we have to give space to our thoughts, to our feelings, to our dreams and visions. We should take the space we deserve. Yes, because then our intention obviously gains meaning – if we give it space. How much space we actually possess and find in life is not measurable, when so many elementary spaces can only be experienced, perceived through our feelings, our doing and creating.

In a sense, the invisible space becomes tangible when we open up every space of thought to ourselves, no matter how small, and thereby evolve to where we always wanted to see ourselves.

And yet – we think so much and at the same time so little about space. Taken for granted by many who have it and given too little attention, any kind of space can degenerate into an empty resource and thus becomes invisible, so to speak. Space is often particularly visible where it is missing. Or where it is present in overflowing abundance. In both cases, however, it is usually perceived more by people who do not have it.

Finally the question is, how can the smallest available space get the size it needs to become a valuable, fulfilling resource? The (still) unrecognized (play) space of thinking and acting as well as the smallest space in our three-dimensional world. How can we sustainably transform valuable spaces out of ourselves into our visible & experienceable dimensionality?

The significance of inner spaces is certainly much greater than we often realize. For me, it is very much about connecting the outer space that can be designed with the inner spaces. To nudge these play spaces in the human being also through the designed space in the outside.

My ambition is to create an enriching arc between the visible space and the people who spend much of their lives in it, and to contribute to their motivation to live a good, fulfilling and beautiful life.

Regardless of whether we are talking about sustainable, life-enriching spatial concepts or spaces for thought and action – at the beginning there is always an empty space. A still unused potential and a resource that wants to be recognized in order to blossom in its true size and fullness.

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